The Best Apps to Help Reduce Energy Usage

The Best Apps to Help Reduce Energy Usage

In a world that is increasingly technologically driven, many Long Island home owners find themselves grappling with high utility bills due to the amount of energy consumed by the devices and gadgets they use. It is important for you to keep track of your energy consumption so that you can retain only the most essential services for prolonged periods. There are presently various apps in the market that can assist you to track, calculate and to minimize the amount of energy you use at home or in the office. Below are some of the best smartphone apps you can use.

1. Consumption Energy Analyzer

The app is freely available on Google Play Store, and by adding the water, gas, and electricity meter readings to a database, the app calculates your consumption averages hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. Your consumption rate over a period is displayed on a graph. It has a color code and comment section for noting distinctive circumstance.

2. Cost Calculator for Energy

It can be freely downloaded from Apple iTunes store. The app can calculate the energy usage and the operating costs. To calculate your energy usage per year, month, week, day or hour, you simply need to enter the hourly consumption in Watts, the cost per Watt and the number of hours used to determine the energy usage for any period. The cost for all the time periods is also estimated by the app.

3. Nest Mobile

The apps by Nest are free on Google Play and iTunes stores, but the products by Nest can also be bought on their website. Right from your mobile phone, you can control this smart system for thermostat to analyze the energy usage in your home in real-time, adjust your schedules daily according to the changing weather conditions. Its best feature is the ability to know your preferences to alter the AC settings and the heat to suit the comfort levels you need.

4. Honeywell's Total Connect Comfort

The Honeywell app is freely available on iTunes and Google Play stores, but the thermostat can also be bought for the Honeywell website. By allowing you to control the thermostat from any location, the smart thermostat system is a good option for businesses. You can set email alerts conveniently to notify you when the temperature or humidity is too low or too high. The app can manage several thermostats at once.

5. Energy CodeGreen

Like the other apps, it is also available for free from the Google Play and iTunes stores. If you are searching for a new home or you want to upgrade your current home's electric box, the app will allow you to compare the efficiency of energy of hundreds of houses. The app will help you determine the energy compliance of the building for the new laws of energy efficiency. It will show you your Energy Star score when you type in your address in the app.

6. Smart Thermostat by Ecobee

The app can be bought on their website, but it is also free on iTunes and Google Play stores. It is also another intelligent thermostat that allows you to analyze and reduce your home's usage of energy. It can be controlled from any remote location to regulate the temperatures, and it is easy to integrate it with other automation devices for complete automation set up such as Apple HomeKit, Wink and Samsung SmartThings.

7. Control4

Although the Control4 can be bought from the company's website, it can also be freely got from Google Play and iTunes stores. It allows you to remotely control almost all the devices in your home from the security system, the thermostat, the locks and the lights. You can do all these from your smartphone.

8. EnergyHub Thermostat

It also allows you to regulate all the energy savings and the comfort needs of your home from anywhere. It supports thermostats by ComfortChoice, ZigBee and Carrier.

9. Green Outlet

The app is designed to allow homeowners to determine which of their home appliances use a lot of energy. To calculate and average monthly rate, you simply need to key in the data. Many magazines including ecogadget and recommend it.

Note that you will be doing yourself no good if you are still paying higher bills then the average person even if you track all your energy usage. You should try to conserve as much energy as possible through any of the apps because they ultimately target to help you cut your energy bills by conserving as much as possible.

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The Best Apps to Help Reduce Energy Usage

In a world that is increasingly technologically driven, many Long Island home owners find themselves grappling with high utility bills due to the amount of energy consumed by the devices and gadgets they use. It is important for you...

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